Sunday, 2 April 2017

Bakers dozen

Hobby news... Have been tidying n sorting my stuff, a spring clean as it were, so will soon have a 6x4 table space for if I ever need to play a game lol

Commission Painting... Finished all RR stuff, started 48 Spanish Scutari, 32 foot goths and 16 mounted for for TH, 19 days to Salute.... Also 4 units of 10mm Newline Design Figures for Sean's Display stand... carthaginain elephants, scythian horse archers, hittie spearmen and  more Spanish Scutari ... Nothing like a challenge lol

Own Painting ... Nowt

6x6 Challenge ...
Test of Honour, 28mm Samurai skirmish game from Warlord Games, highly recommend !!! 2/6
GoG 3/6
CnC Naps 6/6

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