Sunday, 21 May 2017

19 part 2.... As I missed 18 out

Hobby News ... No games this week, 4 sleeps til LARP

Commission Painting .... Started 27 Norman knights for Simon Miller

own Painting... Base painted some gladiators and colonial marines 1880s style, not Alien lol

6x6 Challenge .. GoG 3/6 CnC Naps 6/6 ToH 4/6 ( Technically 6/6 but small games ) Board games 3/6 (Settlers, ZOmbicide, Runewars)
film club.. First rule of film club... Oh no that's the other club
king Arthur... It's not that Arthur.. It's a cracking movie tho, ignore the dark age links to the fall of Rome and the Saxons, this is Gamo of Thrones meets Warcraft King Arthur, fantasy gangster fun
snatched.. Hmm.. Didn't fall asleep amazingly, was funny in places, mostly not

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